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Prep Center и Склад в Америке

Our Experience is your Success! Your Focus is selling. Our Focuses are Prep, Time, Support.

We Have been selling on Amazon for over 5 years and We Know Amazon. 

We know all current FBA, FBM requirements and can quickly adhere to any new rules set forth by Amazon, so you don’t have to.

We have over 5 years experience in product procurement within USA wholesalers and distributors. We’ll help you buy securely exactly what you want.


We have over 3 years experience in PREP like 3rd part 3pl Center. We kow 1000s of product and 1000s of situations.

Prep Center Сервис



Standard items from 0.35$

Sets/Bundles from 1.4$

Bubble wrap from 1.5$


FBM from 2$


Storage from 0,02$

Forwarding 5$

US wholesale orders

1000s Suppliers 5%

Removal processing

Receiving from 0.2$


О нас





1000 из 1000

Satisfied customers

1 из 1

Prep units in month


square feet



One way! You send us delivery information! We receive - we Prepare - Ship to AMAZON 

Another way! You send us product information! We order from supplier - Receive - Prepare - Ship to AMAZON

How we works?

  1. YOU sending your ASIN or FNSKU, QTY boxes or units, Order # or Tracking #

  2. WE  Receiving / Inspecting / Taking pictures if needed - Sending results of Inspection

  3. YOU give your Instructions and Labels or Amazon Permission

  4. WE Processing & Handling / Labeling  / Packaging / Dispatching - Sending results of Preparation

  5. YOU giving Shipping Labels or Getting notification of shipping


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